Who we are

Born in the 1983 , but  come from  79 from a similar sector , the i.F-1s  evolved as constructor of components for automation in the motor Italian sector .

Strong  of  elasticity on the product and on its study , the society founded in the Fiat team an important outlet of co-operation , and it was pushed , from Comau team , to the equipment , today , of  a large part of Italian Fiats automated works  .

From the evolution of this symbiosis we have equipped motor works in Mercedes , Renault , Matra , etc . till to arrive to continuous developments of special products that , today , let to range from Turkey to Brasil , to South Africa .

The growth of image due to increase of installations , of advertising  , of  competitive prices let our development also in the industrial sector .

Today , thanks to our will to expansion , the i.F-1s society tries to propose itself on a wider scenery :

o       Intensifying its distribution network in Italy and abroad  

o       Opening a branch in the United States

All this also to fill our productive capability of about 800 1.000 plates/month assembled  in a new centre of about 1.300 operative square metres , covered , in a complex of about 4.000 square metres .

Our aim is to  set  ourselves on the international market as potential alternative to the greatest European constructors .

i.F-1 S.r.l. Via Cerallo 11 - 13100 - Vercelli - Italy - Tel. +39 0161 294314 - Fax +39 0161 294911 - P.IVA 01447940022