Electrical harness

Application Sectors
  • Informatics

  • Telecommunication

  • Audio Video

  • Industrial Automation

  • Tool machines and robot

  • Instrumentation and check


Examples in automotive sector

Testing plates

Motor vehicle harness of heavy series

# 504 electrical signals

# 1 pneumatic command vein 3/8"G

# 5 electrical command lines

Testing cable mean

  • Connection in a testing room of light motors for private use

  • Quick connection of all connection points with the interlocking subassembly doweled on the body


Thanks to the specific preparation and to the continuous application in the connection systems , we could design and realize harness and subassemblies assigned to different industrial sectors.

Our products , using selected materials asseblied with modern equipments and technologies always revised , are a reply to all customer specific needs with solutions which optimize quality , technological processes and economical needs.

This page presents only a little part of our standard and special products. Don't exitate to call our technical office for all kind of request.

Our philosophy is : give a solution to different needs in the interconnection systems.


The constructor , in order to improve the product , will change dimensions without senza advance notice.

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